Gabby Gardens and the Pink House Pod

Psychedelic Montessori


We are an educated intentional community of families working together for safe support & socialization through the pandemic. 
As of 4.6.21 all of our current parents and staff were fully vaccinated.


We believe in child led learning.

Though we have a basic schedule and intention our days can change and wander as we follow the various interests, fancies and needs of the children in our community.



We have an incredible and constantly changing collection of toys and costumes.  It's always exciting to see which characters and stories emerge.  My favorite moments are when the various personalities blend their individual stories into a cohesive group adventure.


Gabby Gardens  is located just a few minutes walk or drive from many of Charlottesville's best playgrounds. We are regulars at IX Art Park, Mcguffey, and Tonsler Park.  We also like to go on adventures further afield.  We are comfortable going to the rivers, and  hiking trails around the edges of the city.  And of course we spend time in our own front and back yard.



Music and Art are an innate part of Gabby Gardens.  Our daily soundtrack is an eclectic mix of classics, contemporary, and children's music.  There are art supplies within small fingertips reach in almost every corner.  Engineering and experimenting with how the world works is extremely encouraged from marble runs to full room forts we like to build, examine, deconstruct and build again.


How Did We Get Here?

Gabby Gardens was an organic reaction to covid and the ensuing childcare crisis.  We needed a place to play, and learn and just be kids.  And the children needed that too.  
A major focus of our program is emotional learning and regulation.  How to be a good community member while also having your own needs met.   Which can lead to all kinds of conversations, learning and social practice within the under 7 year old crowd. 
At the end of the day the goal is to have the best, funnest, most authentic childhood moments of play and growth while offering peace of mind and literal physical time alone to the parents who have been wearing too many hats throughout this pandemic.